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We are a very relaxed and easy going guild, but we simply want to protect the atmosphere we have at the moment and so we ask recruits to read our views, so you understand what we are about and so you know what to expect.

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  Latrice Sorrowfist: I had a random idea... If anyone is up for it.. I'll make SP guild on Lost Ark and.. If anyone is up for it.. you could join in ^-^
  Latrice Sorrowfist: Hellou.. Happy New Years ^-^
  Sade: Hey! Happy new year and stuff :)
  Raraira: Ye sometimes ;)
  Sade: I do :)
  Latrice Sorrowfist: Not sure if anyone still checks in...
  Latrice Sorrowfist: Hey guys.. I miss you and I miss hanging out <3
  Sade: I do, sometimes, just walking in like I own the place
  Agulag: whats up bitches? anyone still checks in anymore?
  Sade: Sigh... I really miss you guys...
  Latrice Sorrowfist: It's Rift related news... If anyone happens to stop by :)
  Raraira: Im pretty much only on my Ps4 --> PSN: Kissie-desuuuu
  Matoshi: Why is it so barren
  Matoshi: Peeps
  Latrice Sorrowfist: Also Sorrowfist #3022 so add me on Discord ^-^
  Latrice Sorrowfist: Happy Christmas my favorite people <3
  Sade: Yes, usually after 9pm
  Latrice Sorrowfist: Hey guys, anyone on Discord?
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