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Every guild says the same and we are no exception.
We are one of a kind.

We are like an exquisite beer. You either love us or hate us.
We are probably one of the most social and tight guilds you will ever be part of, but because we are such a close-knit bunch there are certain aspects that you need to take into account.
We have had a certain core group since June 2011, so new members might find it daunting to join in on conversations.

We will do everything possible to get you into the group as fast as possible, but a lot is up to you.

What makes us so different?
New members should know that we place huge emphasis on being social and involved.
If being social is not your thing, there is little for you to find in here.
We couldn't care less about high member counts. The only thing that really matters to us is finding that one guy worthy of being called 'family'.

  • We don't care about being the best, we want to have the best time.
  • No BS about DPS. The guild that wipes together, stays together.
  • Real life always has top priority.
  • Games can wait. Your wife giving birth can't. Go get that collectible instead.
  • Respect fellow members and the effort they put into the guild.
  • When you break a promise, we'll break your anus. Fo real. Show up when you sign up.
  • Be 18+ or at least try your best to fake it. We don't need crybabies in here.
  • We've got some awesome 12 yo's in here, seriously.

You decide how things will happen
We rely on members to organize events and do stuff together.
We organize things on occasion, but due to busy real life, you shouldn't rely on us doing everything for you. If you want to see something happen, either organize it yourself or contact an officer. They will gladly help you.

We are not for the faint-hearted or easily offended
We are just plain crazy, disgusting, foul-mouthed, etc.
Since we know each other so well, we don't consider things said in chat as offensive. Therefore it is very important that you get a feel of what we are about and how we function as a guild. This mainly comes down to you surviving and participating in the mumble whining, raging and name-calling.

We have made name-calling and insulting each other into a sport.
It should be very clear that we consider saying something offensive through a twist of context an art, but it is never meant in a directed or personal way. If you happen to be a target then deal with it.

I'll give a practical example;
We were talking about strap-ons - don't ask me why - and someone twisted the context like this: If your face was a strap-on, there would still be hope for you. This implies calling the target ugly, but that's not what the joke is about. What we consider funny is the fact that you can change a context in that particular way. It's more of a creative thing.

It should also be very clear that if someone genuinely does take something as offensive due to a personal reason, that they must communicate this. If we don't know about it, it remains a valid topic and the person remains a target.

What you’ll receive
Getting offended and organizing stuff is not the only thing what you sign up when joining us.
It’s only natural that we will offer something as in return.

  • You will be part of a tight social group
  • You will get a good laugh
  • You can say pretty much anything and get away with it
  • You can make friends for life in here
  • You don’t have to follow strict schedules

What we ask from you
Not too much, but it will take some effort.
You play a very important role in keeping this guild alive and running. You should be genuinly interested in this guild and its the members. What does this all mean?

  • Participate on the forums
  • Participate in guild chat and try keeping it alive. Even if you have to talk about the weather...
  • Make the effort to join us on Mumble. This is where we really shine.

Finishing up
I made this poem in the early days of the guild and until this day we still hold the values it carries very high.

We raid, we try
Most pulls we die
We lol, we troll
On loot we roll
Split Persona fun for allz
Hardcore and l33t can suck our balls

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#6826737 Oct 10, 2012 at 03:38 PM
Shiny Gem
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I've read this new set of guidelines and I'll do my best to shine on the mumble!
#6827086 Oct 10, 2012 at 05:01 PM
Shiny Gem
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I've read it and will follow like a puppy with a strap-on :)
#6827717 Oct 10, 2012 at 07:39 PM
Shiny Gem
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really enjoyed reading and 100% agree, and cute 15 year olds ;)
#6827919 Oct 10, 2012 at 08:28 PM
Shiny Gem
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I'm more intrigued by what happens if i dont read it. so for that

I aint readin this whack shit dooooog
#6830931 Oct 11, 2012 at 02:40 PM
Shiny Gem
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So Zharko... The reason that you wont read it, is perhaps that you cant read??? >:)

If you want, I can teach you. Ofc it will cost money 8)
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