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Chapter I: Birth of a guild

We started as a somewhat unconventional guild in Rift.

I decided to start Split Persona after enduring numerous retards whining about loot or someone's lack of experience. After looking around for a guild that shared my views and not finding one, I decided to give it a go myself. Not an easy task since this was my first mmo and also the first time being a guild leader.

The main focus would be fun during everything in the game and that people are more important than shiny loot. This would demand a mature and guild oriented attitude from members. People who'd join just to gain from it themselves would benefit very little from our guild. However, if members joined for the social and friendly atmosphere they would feel right at home.
We also would not be a guild bragging about progress and achievements. Why people join a guild that has everything on farm is beyond me. Where is the fun in a game if the progress 'you' made wasn't even a little bit of a struggle. To us the journey is way more important than the destination. The lolz we have on the way there are the best representation of that :)
We also wanted to offer the possibility to members to play when they can. We don't take gaming too serious. Real life's subscription is one you can't cancel, so you'd better get those dailies done first. This makes us a very casual and relaxed guild/community.

The guild turned out quite nicely, but due to Rift slowly losing its members, it became hard to get people together for raids and recruit new victims. So we decided to broaden our horizon and spread our name over more than one game. This is how this page came into existence :)

We still hold the previously mentioned values very high.
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Chapter II: Light sabers and splits

This all happened quite a while ago,
but I'll add it here for the sake of completeness and my OCD.

As mentioned in previous post we decided to broaden our horizon.
So a part of the members left Rift and gave SWTOR a try. The rest stayed in Rift.
Long story short; SWTOR died a silent death and we walked away from it.

In the meantime the die-hards in Rift merged with a guild called Last Wish.
It was fun while it lasted until we made a big mistake. Looking back this was quite obvious.

We didn't really talk about a recruiting policy, so a shitload of new members swarmed into the guild. This guild really doesn't work well with mass recruiting, so a drastic decision was made.
Things went downhill from this point.

Since we had both a high geared raiding group and a lot of new ungeared members, we split the Rift guild into two smaller parts. In theory these would still function as one guild. We would function as a gearing guild and they would sometimes allow us to fill a spot in a raid. If really needed, then we could lend their OP-ness to one-shot bosses. You get the picture right?
However, due to bad communication the guilds drifted apart and a full split was inevitable.

I don't regret my (our) decisions though.
During this time in Rift, we met a lot of great new people who are still with us today.
This part in our history also inspired my to write a new set of rules, which you can find here.
I want these rules to prevent conflicts like this in the future.
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Chapter III: Guilds war for members

After the epic fail in SWTOR and Rift fading away in the distance we looked around for games to play.
A lot of betas were played and people got excited over them. I had my reservations due to the waste of money on SWTOR so I decided not to jump at the first game that passed by. Some noteworthy games that passed review were Tera, TSW and Guild Wars 2.
Personally I didn't really know what to think about GW2, but I decided that it would be better to play a lousy games with my good old guild, than to play a great game by myself. So I hopped on the bandwagon and bought the game.

I'm not going to debate here about whether or not GW2 is a good game or whether it was revolutionary with the new design, but I do want to share that for me the game has failed and Rift is still the best mmo I have played so far. They both have flaws, but Rift did a lot more for me than GW2 did.
Why? Well, I think GW2 is a amazing looking, innovative game that had very much potential, but it was so difficult to figure out how to actually play it and get that feeling 'Yes, this is what they intended for me to do', all I get now is 'Well that worked for once, I hope the next group will be equally competent'.
I'm going to quit here or I'll keep on ranting. You can read my full discussion here. The game left me with a nasty feeling in my stomach, so I hope we'll go back some day to complete this chapter. To me it doesn't feel finished.
The above mentioned discussion led to a lot of people putting mmo's on hold and went to play other games.
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Chapter IV: Hibernation and daily games

The lack of a proper game led many members to play other games and the guild as a whole went into hibernation. Probably also due to holidays and vacation. To stabilize the guild in between 'main games' we tried to come up with a different strategy. The idea was to change the guilds focus to insta-fun games like UT, CS, etc. These games would change according to a weekly schedule. You can read up on the details here. We still have to properly implement this strategy though...
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Chapter V: Home, sweet home

This chapter sums itself up quite easily.

We have revived the guild in Rift and have taken on the challenges of Storm Legion.
A lot of new members have joined and we're almost raid ready.
We'll see what the future brings. The prospects are quite promising so far :)
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Chapter VI: What we do best

Being awesome on mumble obviously.
They are back. The original, one-and-only, patented Split Persona raiding mumble madness meetingses.
We've got the gear, the members and the sunglasses to give these bosses a whole lot of pain. Well, we had some help but I'll get to that part. Stop frowning, Rhavhenna... You'll get your spotlight. Hold on.

It's been turbulent, but interesting. A lot of members have come and gone. They haven't left, but real life caught up and shot some holes in our raiding team. Each time we got close one of our dearest was taken out. Scumbag life... always backstabbing... Anyway.

We met (well I did) someone particularly interesting who announces herself as Rhavhenna. We decided to start an alliance to make some 20 mans happening, with the possible future perspective of merging. Hey, stop frowning! Merging is a really good idea this time... really... I'm sure of it.

The result of those raids is the following nice read.

Let us briefly recap the history leading to this glorious day.

After all the hard work and endless days of preparation and training, the decisive moment had finally arrived. I present to you a scruffy looking pack of vagabonds and asylum escapists.
Last time had left us humbled, yet we sought vengeance. The battle might have been lost, but the war would decide differently.

As our group of unrecognised heroes peers into the eerily lit halls, they are reminded of the events that have come to pass and the scars that will remain. Humbled and anxious they take their positions. Sweat floods their boots as they look upon the man that humiliated them and the bird that shat upon them. Tears fall on the ground as the images of the ones that were lost become clear once again. Not a single word was uttered and time seemed to have stopped.

The sound of a majestic choir fills the hallways:'Yo guys, what's up? We heard you ran out of diapers, so we brought you some more'. Our group stands struck with awe as they gaze upon 4 horsemen plated in gold. The first of these dismounts, turning its back towards our group of slightly frustrated heroes. A silent whisper indicates that this horsemen might not what we expect:'dat ass...'. As he removes his helmet it turns out to be no other than Rhavhenna. Her long hair waving in the wind reminds our group of oddballs the purpose of their journey. The hot chicks they were trying to impress.

What an unusual sight it was. Our ensemble of misfits and mentally damaged standing next to the knights in shining armor of Hearthfire looked like a mule in front of a war chariot. Yet they had been accepted by these noble people and together they would fight to impress even more hot chicks. Except for Rhavhenna, she just wanted a new pair of shoes to drop.

Unfortunately, not a single shoe was given during the fight, yet we had our satisfaction.
Three minions have been decimated and only their general remains. Sitting upon her throne she mocks us. We remain confident as we look at each other and the teabagged corpses in our wake. A rogue steps forward. Refilled with confidence after his past failures, he speaks the following encouraging words to his worshippers:'Don't zip your pants yet guys. We've got one more sucker left to humiliate >:)'

/fade to black
/to be continued
/fade out
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Chapter VII: The maiden and the marriage

How low the mighty have fallen...
We have been brought down to our knees.
Not through force or violence, no...
A ominous source of corruption much stronger, much more vile than we mortal men could ever fathom.

A woman...

Her name is Hearthfire. Lady Hearthfire.
We have waged war with love and lost.
We have succumbed to her charm.
We have proposed and she said: ‘Lemme think about it...’

We, the misfits and paupers of Split Persona, have found our muse.

Behold fair lady Hearthfire.
Her radiance pierces our hearts and sweeps away the darkness that dwells within them.
The scent of her auburn hair wraps our minds as a soft blanket and takes our fears away.
Who makes us calm.
Who makes us brave.
Who makes us complete.

Rejoice, oh most fortunate of the unfortunate.
Misunderstood misfits.
The one that understands us is to become our wife.

We are no longer two.
Our ideals intertwine and so must our bodies.
We must become one and enter a holy union.
Differences fading, we’ll speak in one tongue.
Ultimate, neverending embrace.
Soft glow of the hearthfire.
Scent and sound of burning embers.
Embrace us, fair lady Hearthfire.

Grant us power to conquer our adversaries.
Grant us the strength and endurance to keep going.
During raids.
We’ll make sweet love.

We will become one during the next few days.
The merge has begun.
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Chapter VIII: Clashing goals and separating ways

It's been a little over half a year now since we merged with Hearthfire.
It looked like the perfect merge. Both guild leaders got along well and the debate about how things were going to continue were open and transparent.
Reality, unfortunately, had a different course planned out. Technology failed, causing our guild leader to be out of action.
We started to drift apart at that point.

We still can't say for sure what exactly caused this drift,
but it looked as if Hearthfire had changed the way they looked at end content and raiding.
More so, the way to achieve our goals had changed.
Weird decisions were made, rules were enforced and we just don't roll that way.
I'm not going to share the details since it's long past and nothing can be gained from it.

I don't know where the future will lead us, but I have faith.
I have faith in this guild, what it stands for and the members that give it spirit.
I still believe that we are nothing like any other guild out there and even if that sounds pretentious, I still believe it and I will still proclaim it.
At this time we are weak and small in numbers, but our bonds have never been stronger.
Without any hesitation, I can easily say that I treasure this guild and I love its core members as much as I love my wife.

To conclude though...
I have no regrets about the merge or the fact the it failed unbelievably hard.
Progress can't be made without taking risks and one can't learn without making mistakes.
Sometimes these mistakes hurt, but it helps the learning process and it connects us as a group.

...and we are still here! /Raises fist
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