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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Mar 24, 2018)
Sigh... I really miss you guys...
(Jan 25, 2018)
It's Rift related news... If anyone happens to stop by :)
(Apr 03, 2017)
Im pretty much only on my Ps4 --> PSN: Kissie-desuuuu
(Mar 27, 2017)
Why is it so barren
(Mar 27, 2017)
(Dec 25, 2016)
Also Sorrowfist #3022 so add me on Discord ^-^
(Dec 25, 2016)
Happy Christmas my favorite people <3
(Nov 13, 2016)
Yes, usually after 9pm
(Nov 11, 2016)
Hey guys, anyone on Discord?
(Sep 01, 2016)
Hello :D
(Aug 03, 2016)
Nah, havnt bought Overwatch just yet.. Going to though on Ps4. Been playing Hyper Light Drifter, amazing game <3
(Jul 08, 2016)
Wow... I hope they can pull this off. 2:00 blows my mind :D
(Jun 01, 2016)
Hey man. Not sure to be honest. There hasn't been too much activity lately.
(Jun 01, 2016)
Hey does anyone playing Overwatch here?
(May 20, 2016)
yeah, its free :D
(May 20, 2016)
I'll join. It's free, right?
I'll stop the paid plan for this website then.
We only pay for mumble right now and I can use the money atm.
(May 20, 2016)
I've set up a discord server in case any of you use that service. for now it is quite barren, as i can't be assed to do anything fancy if no one uses discord besides me.
(May 05, 2016)
Scroll down. Raraira has played it.